Assignment Stress Getting You Down? You Best Beleaf in the Power of Nature

March 4, PRAGUE—As the leaves around the city make a fall for fall, the natural splendour that is Petřínské sady (Petrin Gardens) begins to de-blossom and present itself to the city in preparation for the cold winter.

Prague is well known for its wild nightlife events and parties; from the Bohemian Burlesque nights to cocktails at mini golf. It is obvious that the city has a lot to offer us when we feel the need for a break.

But what about the calm outside of the chaos?

As students, we tend to not enjoy the nature surrounding the city as much as we would like to, unfortunately, we don’t always have time in between the juggling of reports and hangovers to explore past the marvels of Burrito Loco and Chapeau Rouge.

Petrin Gardens is said to be one of the most beautiful tourist attractions within Prague city, stretching at around 2.5 hectares. Being home to the Gardens of Lobkowicz, the Great Strahov, Seminar and Pink Orchards, it is easy to get lost in its beauty when walking along the cobbled paths. With so much to offer from the croaking wildlife in the lakes and trees to the Gothic wall along the Petrin Tower, the park can really help a person to unwind and clear their thoughts when life gets a bit too much.

Taking a break from your phone/computer screen for a while to go for a walk may sound a little alien to some people. However, with the impeccable view of the city skyline from the peak of the hill is not one to miss. The old wives tale of ‘fresh air will do you good’ really comes into practice when we give our brains a break from thinking and just enjoy the scenery of the outside world. The globalisation of mobile phones and tablets is said to be turning us into a ‘society of zombies’ which, when you look up from your seat to see most people’s eyes glued to their phone screens, doesn’t really sound all that ridiculous. Mass communication is taking over in the world and even though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is easy for us to get lost in our little bubble and overlook the remarkable sites around us. The Petrin Gardens is just one of the many examples of how wildlife and nature come together to treat us with Earth’s natural environment that we sometimes forget about.

With the stress of deadlines, student debt and drunken mistakes caving in on us, everyone seems to be trying to find a way to relax and calm themselves after a long week. But what if I told you that there was more to Prague than just nightlife and great food?

Don’t believe me?

Put on some shoes and go see for yourself.

Written by Megan Jenner.