Laila Zohdy

From the gift of the Nile; Cairo, Egypt, comes Laila Zohdy, a Creative Media Production student at Prague College. Aside from trying to survive the harsh European winter, Laila came to Prague in pursuit of finding herself and gaining experience in dealing with many cultures. She’s trying to deal with the hectic student life while following her passion for journalistic writing, creative writing and, last but not least, reading.

Recent Relations between North Korea and the United States of America

Megan Jenner

Stepping out from the little island of Great Britain and into the chaos of Prague, Meg moved to the city to study Media & Communications here at Prague College.
Whilst studying here, she’s looking forward to learning more about the different cultures and environments around the world and also plans on learning more about the famous architecture around Prague.
She spends most of her time talking about animals and burritos and also dreams of one day being able to finally learn how to juggle.

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Lena Fix

Lena Fix

Lena comes from a little country – virtually invisible on the map – Luxembourg. She left this little Grand Duchy far far away to start a new adventure in Prague. She finds herself falling in love with the Czech capital more and more every day.
Lena has had the chance to hear some local, as well as very international, stories thanks to her friends of very broad origins who, just like her, came to study in Prague. Always there to listen, help, and joke about anything, she is interested in spending her time learning about topics she hasn’t yet discovered.


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Kowsouy Butthep

Kowsouy Butthep

Kowsouy’s name means rice in Thai, so you could guess where she’s from. She was born in Thailand but raised in the USA. Having a knack for sociology and cities, she decided to leave her comfortable town in Virginia, USA, to experience the challenges of life itself. Corny yes, but that’s her. Passionate about life and living in the moment.


Entertainment: Beyond the Coffee

Peppur Chambers

Peppur Chambers aka amazing lecturer

Peppur is a writer/actor/director who is a Prague transplant via LA. She is a published author of “Harlem’s Awakening” (1888 Center/Black Hill Press) which has been adapted into a performer-award nominated one-woman show; she has written several plays, one of which, “Dick & Jayne Get A Life”, played in the Prague Fringe Festival. She has created and co-written an award-winning webseries, “The Brown Betties Guide: How To Look For Love in All The Wrong Places“; and is the creator of the sultry, sassy, sophisticated Brown Betties™ who are featured in her long-running dinner-theater show, “Harlem’s Night: A Cabaret Story”.

A graduate of Marquette University’s College of Journalism (BA Advertising/Marketing), Peppur has contributed to Prague Pulse Magazine, Bridge/Gate Magazines, Humor Mill Magazine, LA Beat, and The Firm FM radio show where she did a weekly, relationship-advice segment, “Keep It Spicy”. She currently teaches journalism at Prague College and is co-creator of theater production company, CATNIP (Contemporary Theatre Now in Prague).

Photo by Nino Aphakidze

Huyen Vi Tranová

Huyen Vi Tranová aka Viah

Vi recently went to an art exhibition that became the strongest trigger for her shift to her current university major – she became an art student, and it resonates with her entire soul. Her favourite tea is Milk Oolong (assuming it was brewed at the optimum temperature for the right amount of time). She currently co-edits The Feed along with the ever-so-lovely group consisted of Brittney, Laila, and Meg. She’s a rain lover, and a minimalist.


If you wish to read some of her writings (newest first, her personal favourites highlighted):

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her Prague Artist Sessions‘ interview with performer Minh Hieu Nguyen
her politics article about The White Helmets in Syria
her entertainment article about Prague-based alternative theatres
her current events article about Miloš Zeman

Brittney Pilarcik

Brittney Pilarcik

Studied in Barcelona and in Prague and is one of the founders of the Feed along with her co-editor Vi.

Editor of The Feed
Journalist for the Model United Nations Prague
Advanced speaker of Spanish and Italian

Feel free to read some of my work!

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