Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update

April 17, PRAGUE—Watching Saturday Night Live (SNL) this weekend was an examination of the irrationality of Trump’s administration with a twist.

If you are at a loss for what SNL means, it is a show based on live entertaining skits based on culturally relevant issues and topics prevalent in the United States, and the general worldwide. Here, at the Feed, we have the show on our weekly round-up on for keeping up with current events.

This weekend’s show aired on Saturday 15, 2017, and the popular Jimmy Fallon hosted while Harry Styles was the musical guest. Fallon opened up the show reminding the audience that this was how his career began, and he then broke into a musical number. I highly recommend it, as a brief reminder that the show isn’t always about politics, as we will now also transition to.

As the audience is holding their breath for the cold open, knowing that they’re going to somehow target Trump – the writers at SNL do not disappoint. They somehow manage to use all the political craziness, from the man on the United Airlines flight over the awkwardness of Jared Kushner all the way to the press release by Sean Spicer comparing Assad to Hitler.

A quick recap of the not-so-subtle plunges at the incumbent President failing to run the United States is generally how the show opens up. Steve Bannon, the soon to be replaced Senior Advisor to President Trump, is played as a cadaverous figure coming with skeletal hands creeping around the Oval Office, an almost exact representation of what hell is being released inside the White House. President Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, begins hosting by relaying his madness this week in distributing domination through his administration amidst nepotism through mild sobriety. He then has Steve Bannon, the grim-reaper, and Jared Kushner, Jimmy Fallon, hold a bachelor game. He has them semi-audition for the position of the Senior Advisor based on cuteness, and personal biases. In the madhouse–oh I mean the White House– who is family, and who isn’t, in Trump’s world creates a serious partisanship. Trump plays the bachelor and goes for “cute Kushner” who is always seen but never heard. Kushner’s real-life escalation with Steve Bannon called for a serious career adjustment in Bannon’s world this past week. Continuing the sketch on SNL, Trump also said he was basing his decision on becoming his Senior Advisor based on looks, which is quite easy to imagine the current President doing, sadly.

Trump then chooses Kushner, who is wearing his bullet-proof vest, resembling the picture of Jared Kushner’s recent exploits in the Middle East. These errands for the President prove that he is already taking on a large part of responsibility in the White House, apart from just ‘advising’ as his job description says. Yet again, the feud with Kushner and Bannon based on their real-life disagreements, demonstrated that now Trump has given even more power to his son-in-law. Kushner then goes to the President’s desk without saying a word, while Trump plays on the side, as the skit closes. Short, hilarious, but so sad to see inside the chaotic Presidential Office.

Later in the show, we have one of my personal favorites, Melissa Mccarthy, playing Sean Spicer. We’ve seen some great skits on “Spicey” (as referred to in the skits). In this sketch, Sean Spicer comes in a bunny costume, and again refers to the journalists as children, while trying to describe the Jewish Passover with puppets. He ends up saying that one puppet passing over another puppet is the holiday’s celebration. To make even more obvious matters worse, the writers of SNL proved they could take the recent escalation of Sean Spicer referring to Bashar Al-Assad (a name he cannot pronounce) to Adolf Hitler, saying that even Hitler did not use chemical weapons. This week, the actual Sean Spicer had to apologize for saying that Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons when he actually did use them–repeatedly.

Unfortunately for Spicer, SNL magnified this accident and meshed it with the coincidence of this mishap with the current Jewish celebrations for Passover. Timing is everything in this world, and SNL made a hilarious mockery of Sean Spicer’s position, role, and knowledge.

On a lighter note, Jimmy Fallon later plays Cecilia Strong’s ex-boyfriend. Fallon walks into her apartment serenading her and, at the end, he proposes. Cecilia Strong’s character then says, “No, I will not marry you because you dragged a man from a plane” (referring to the recent United Airlines incident), his friends then chime in saying, “that was you,” as the skit comes to an end.

The show continues with more witty and frolicsome skits, but that’s for you to watch.

Written by Brittney Pilarcik.