Brittney Pilarcik

Brittney Pilarcik

Studied in Barcelona and in Prague and is one of the founders of the Feed along with her co-editor Vi.

Editor of The Feed
Journalist for the Model United Nations Prague
Advanced speaker of Spanish and Italian

Feel free to read some of my work!

2017 (newest first):

Whistleblower Series: The Hunt for Closure
Editorial: November 2017 // Embarkation
Current Events: Should You Delete Your Uber Account?
Editorial: June 2017// Activities
Politics: Brexit In Spain
Editorial: May 2017 // Emptiness
Politics: Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update
Politics: The Cost of a Home
Current Events: In Screens We Trust
Editorial: March 2017 // Our Path Requires Honor


Current events: What’s Up in Turkey
Entertainment: Active Prague
Politics: Same-Sex Adoption in Prague


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