Huyen Vi Tranová

Huyen Vi Tranová aka Viah

Vi recently went to an art exhibition that became the strongest trigger for her shift to her current university major – she became an art student, and it resonates with her entire soul. Her favourite tea is Milk Oolong (assuming it was brewed at the optimum temperature for the right amount of time). She currently co-edits The Feed along with the ever-so-lovely group consisted of Brittney, Laila, and Meg. She’s a rain lover, and a minimalist.


If you wish to read some of her writings (newest first, her personal favourites highlighted):

her editorial for March 2018
her personal story concerning the floods in Vietnam

her ‘Whistleblower Series’ op-ed on whistleblower journalists
her editorial for September 2017
her personal take on the endless cycle of entrance exams to universities
her editorial for April 2017
her opinion piece on a theatre play she’s preparing about her Vietnamese roots
her Prague Artist Sessions‘ interview with dancer/artist Kristián Mensa
her Prague Artist Sessions‘ interview with performer Minh Hieu Nguyen
her politics article about The White Helmets in Syria
her entertainment article about Prague-based alternative theatres
her current events article about Miloš Zeman

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