September 2017 // On Waves of ‘Somethings’

Dear Reader,

I recently stumbled upon a quote from Matt Damon, which has been stuck in my mind ever since I first read it whilst somewhat routinely scrolling through my Facebook feed.

“This whole ‘I’m too cool to care’ thing… is so weak and stupid and played out, and it just brings everybody down. You shouldn’t be too cool to care, for Christ’s sake. You should be full of vim and vigor, and trying to do everything you can to make a change.”

As to why it hit so hard at the right time – it made me think of all the projects and big ideas I had neglected. Ironically so, the Feed is amongst them. It was only a few months ago that I confidently boasted to everyone I met that I, in fact, was an editor of a magazine. Not to lie, I was completely satisfied with all my articles up on this very site, I knew how much work went into them. But my life is based on waves of ‘somethings’ meaning I just lose interest fairly quickly simply because it stops being ‘in’.
I do not intend to make writing/editing a temporary thing. I just refuse to have that happen.

In this issue, the biggest and sincerest of thanks belongs to the femme fatale Peppur Chambers – for reminding me that this is the sort of work that pays off. For guiding me through the process even when it felt somewhat blurry.

I gladly encourage you to read some of the articles we have released this month:

We shall now continue to work on the next months’ issues for you.

Thank you, Brittney Pilarcik, for remaining calm, patient, and helpful as always.

Huyen Vi Tranová (still an Editor/Writer)