Why Style Matters

September 10, PRAGUEHow many times have you heard women saying: “The clothes do not reflect who I am. The most important thing is that I’m feeling comfortable in it”? Feeling comfortable is important but it doesn’t mean that you have to stop caring about your style and the way you look. If you ever heard someone saying anything like what I mentioned above, or said it yourself, then you should know – what you are wearing matters.

Do you wonder why it matters? Imagine you have a job interview. Your employer is an influential owner of a big company that takes time every morning to put on an elegant clean suit before going to work. Who is he most likely to hire? A person who looks successful in a nicely chosen outfit or a person who is wearing a mismatched outfit and is hoping for an employer to see their rich inner-world and talent? The bad news is that people do get their first impression of you by the way you look. In this situation, you can either complain a lot about how unfair the world is or try to do something about it. If you think that you are too rebellious to care what people think about the way you look, then take time to analyze how you yourself feel about own appearance. Do you ever take time to think about it at all? If so, do you like what you’re seeing in the mirror every day? You don’t have a mirror? Then, you should get one.

Written by Nino Aphakidze.