April 2017 // It All Starts With a Single Word

Dear Reader,

another month has gone by, and I quite sincerely could not be more thrilled for the April publications, as well as for the evolution of our student online magazine dedicated to anyone who enjoys good writing.

As I have been inventing my own ways of defeating my writer’s block, once and for all, five words keep on resonating in my mind: Done is better than perfect. Therefore, I took on the challenge of writing three articles for this month’s issue without having anyone really asking me for them. All three of these written pieces were literally put together the night before it all went public—there shall be another time and space for me to fight my procrastination. The point is, I actually did it, and let me tell you, it felt pretty amazing. All I really had to do was sit down and write. I made it a daily habit. I partnered up with someone who has been keeping me accountable. And what you are reading now is the glorious result of the process—our April issue.

Allow me to offer you a brief catch-up of what has been happening at TheFeedUNeed headquarters (which is, in reality, a table from IKEA in our college library). There are a few minor changes that are taking place this month.

New social media management plan
We launched a new social media system, thanks to which each of our wonderful writers gets assigned a specific week (Mon–Sun) and they are completely free to do whatever they wish with the Feed’s Facebook page and Instagram account.

New writer amongst us
That is right, apart from gaining followers, we are also expanding our writer team. I’m sending a warm welcome to Kowsouy Butthep. Thank you for joining us. If you are interested in writing for the Feed, do not hesitate to contact us, preferably via our Facebook.

This month’s articles

Not exactly a new aspect of our page, but please do find the time to get to know the layout of our magazine. You will notice the three main categories of articles: What’s Up (Current Events), What’s On (Arts & Culture), and What’s Wrong (Politics). Within each category, there are now ten–fifteen articles for you to enjoy.

Lastly, I would like to thank every single person involved for the opportunity to call myself an Editor of this magazine. I would also like to send a virtual hug of appreciation to my wonderful co-Editor, Brittney, who takes the time on a weekly basis to meet up with me for our lovely editorial meetings, and she creates a space in which I get to be unbelievably productive. Thanks to her, the Feed is now truly set out to liberate its writers, whilst enriching its readers with words.

Written by Huyen Vi Tranová.

Brittney Pilarcik & Huyen Vi Tranová