How To Travel Cheap

June 10, PRAGUE—TRAVEL. EXPLORE. DREAM. These are the words people usually say when are sick of the same environment and need some change. People constantly want to travel the world and we seem to talk about our travelling longings like gawking parrots. Yet, when you ask them why they are still sitting in their room doing nothing and not even booking a single ticket or hotel, They will respond with, TRAVELLING IS EXPENSIVE. It is not, believe me!

Nowadays there are many different ways to travel. If you want to fly, there are planes. If you want to drive by and watch the nature in some countries, there are cars or buses. Flying gives people the feeling of freedom so let’s start there. Airlines offer very cheap flights to various places all around the world. Because Prague sits in the middle of Europe and is a touristic destination as well as an excellent expat hub, there are many different airlines going in and out with destinations to various countries around the world. For example, one of the cheapest booking tickets websites are:


If you want to stay on the ground and use wheels as opposed to flying, there are many possibilities and one is able to go by buses which usually have discounts for students, WiFi on the bus, and sometimes free food. One of the most well-acknowledged bus agencies in Prague is Student Agency. They offer amazing service and comfortable seats which is a plus during long way trips.



Staying on the ground and getting to know more people can be done through an app while travelling. The application is called BlaBlaCar. This application is helping people to auto-stop without standing on the side of the road with a destination written on the cardboard. BlablaCar gives you ratings of the drivers who are regularly on their way offering free seats in their cars. One can also see the type of car the drivers own. It’s better to know who is driving and avoid falling into some trap.


So don’t complain that there are no possibilities to travel cheaply. Here you have some great examples of how to cheap travel. Check them out and go explore!

Written by Izolda Balogova.