Mint Weekend Market

Prague is the city of handmade items and creativity; people are very talented in making things, and creating handmade dolls, clothes, household goods, accessories; and more.. Therefore, Prague is famous for its handmade markets which are happening throughout the year in certain places and dates, but also it happens occasionally in cafes and schools.

Mint Market started as a small business a couple of years ago, which began to grow and become famous. By the end of 2016; they started a new routine for the market. It became a weekly weekend event, every Saturday, hosted in a very big hall, which used to be a stable before, but it’s now very nicely painted and decorated.

mint-marketMint Market, Face Book 2017


What to expect

When you go there, you’ll find all kinds of products that are unique. There are accessories, fashion, household goods, decorations, and food of course.

Expect to spend a long time there if you are planning to see each booth, which is worth it, because of the variety of products that are also generally not expensive.
However, expect the beautiful handmade jewellery to be expensive.

mint-prague-fashion-market-listopad-2016Mint Market, press kit 2017

Do you want to participate?

You can be part of the Mint Market and start selling your products or handmade goods there easily. All you need to do is to visit their webpage, register your brand to make a profile, and then apply to be a vendor in their next event. The rent of the table and booth is not cheap, so be prepared with a lot of material to sell and make it worthwhile.


Mint Market, Face Book 2016

An alternative market

What’s so special about the Mint Market is the international atmosphere; Unlike other traditional markets in Prague, this one has a famous French DJ, and vendors from different places around the world. (you might even come across me selling there 🙂

fullsizerenderSama Handmade form Syria, 2016

Check their website for more information