Prague: A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

The best clubs and bars in Prague for students

What can be better than partying with your best friends all night long, till the sun comes up?…Exactly! If you are a party person then you would really recognise yourself in this article. Whether you are a ‘newbie’ in Prague or you live here for a long time, these recommendations can’t be missed.

If you like fancy cocktailbars, Groovebar at Voršilská 6,  is the one for you. You can’t really recognise the bar, but once you enter the bar its all yours! They have nice lounge or house music, with sometimes live sets. Of course they have the most incredible cocktails. You can not only find the regular cocktails, but also very unusual ones you should really try. There is one slight disadvantage about it: the bar is very small and mostly full… Because it is really good! Try to reserve a table in advance. Groovebar is open every day from 7 PM till 3 AM, except on Friday and Saturday till 4AM. Oh, yeah, just to mention it: the bar is not that cheap.

Roxy club is one of the best clubs in Prague, if you had a really intensive semester. It is big, there are nice people and the music is good. If there is a live set, the siderooms, which are the small bars are sometimes opened. There are DJ’S or just sets playing there with a minibar located at the end. Roxy Club is open every day from 7 PM till 5 AM. From my personal experience I usually really enjoy partying there, especially when those siderooms are opened!

When you can’t wait till Friday night to dance to hip hop and r &b, M1 is one of the fewest clubs which offers you this. It is very close to Roxy. On the weekends it is usually full, because the club is very small. The entrance fee is quite expensive, approximately 200 CZK. Most of the drinks are 100 CZK or above, a bit pricy!

Club SaSaZu is mainly popular because of its big events. It’s a huge club near the river in Holešovice. Every weekend they have events there. One of the biggest Halloween parties is organised there. It is so massive, 2000 people can fit it in the club! The opening hours of the club are from 10 PM till 5 PM.

A quite alternative club, Cross Club was built to make you feel like you are in a real dance club. Whenever you walk in, the interior design, the lights and sound will dominate your attention span. Sculptures on the wall are made of metal, everywhere in the club. A real tip is to check the event before going. On each floor there is a different genre of music. It is not that expensive to spend your night there. The club has flexible hours as it is open from 6 PM till 5 AM, although in the weekends the party will go on till 7 AM – lucky you!

Lastly, James Dean is such a funky one! This 1950’s club gets you into the mood for the weekend! They have many special drinks. Try the Curiosity Cola, it tastes like Chupa Chups lollipops. When it’s really busy they usually put popcorn on each table. This club is loved by many.. Because the club is so well known, it’s usually full, especially in the weekends. If you’re small, you’re not going to be happy to stand in between the people there, but of course this won’t stop you as party girl or boy you from going to it!

This article was written by Selina Nikijuluw.