YouTube Life

March 10, PRAGUE—It’s weird, nowadays, people need to decide what to watch on YouTube since almost everything that is aired on TV is published on YouTube. First world problems.

To introduceizzyyoutube you a little bit to YouTube, it is a video-sharing website created by PayPal employees – C. Hurley, S. Chen and J. Karim – in February 2005 in San Bruno, California. Where YouTube goal is to have available content as video clips, music videos, short and documentary films, video clips, movie trailers or even video blogging, which has been very popular this past year. Also, videos are free to share, view, rate, comment, and viewers can subscribe to other users.

After a year of being a website by themselves, Google decided to buy the site in November 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars. Which means that YouTube now operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries.

YouTube is bringing many different people all around the world together in one place to watch a variety of videos. But there isn’t only one open door: Many more influential YouTubers are creating videos for their wide fan base to entertain. There are doors for make-up and beauty lovers, gamers, fashion vloggers, music artists or singers, comedy skits, D.I.Y., handcrafts and many many others. Every door has at least two or three top YouTubers who have the most subscribers with a large fan base. For example, one of the biggest YouTubers on the gaming platform, and even on the entire YouTube platform, is PewDiePie, real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, who is a Swedish web-based comedian and lets’ player (a person who films gaming videos). His fan-base of subscribers is around fifty-four million, which is more than the population of Czech Republic. Imagine how many people that is?!

After him, there is also a gaming YouTuber, aka KSI, with sixteen million people subscribed to him.

Are you wondering what about girls?
The third place is for iiSUPERWOMANii (Lilly Singh). Youtube personality, vlogger, comedian and actress with eleven million subscribers. No surprise her pseudonym is ‘Superwoman’ as she is showing that women are able to lead and be at the top of most subscribed YouTubers.izzy

For me personally, Lilly Singh, (Superwoman) is a very unique and special YouTuber with a humorous personality. The videos she is creating are very original and based on people’s lives. Mostly, she is using girl power as her motto to show that girls can do more than expected.

Also, she was one of the people or YouTubers who motivated me to start my own YouTube channel. Her beginning was almost the same as mine because, from an early young age, she was a very hilarious girl with a passion for entertaining people with different comedy skits or jokes. For me, when I entertain people and see them laughing or when I’m reading comments under my videos, it makes me happy. The same is for Superwoman. Many times it happens that most of the Youtubers will fall out of making videos after having spent time creating videos for thousands of viewers. Yet Superwoman is continuing to be strong and happy. I am sure that happiness was made for sharing and same with a smile. So, if you want to laugh and feel happy you can check my YouTube channel.

Here’s a link to a video of mine.

Written by Izzy Balogova.