Design-Friendly Prague

Design-related events are emerging in Prague every year. In 2016, there were three events: Designblok, Czech Design Week, and DesignSUPERMARKET. This article will show you what’s happening in Prague nowadays, and tells you about few super talented designers, who are unique with their style, and to find them is only possible in Prague, Czech Republic. Follow the article, and you will find out where to look for fashion in Prague.



Designblok is one of the largest and most prestigious events of its kind in Central Europe, and Prague offers a good example of it compared to other European cities. This selective show is dedicated to design in all of its forms. This indoor exhibition offers a fashion show, displays of jewelry, clothing, furniture, home furnishings, lighting, and industrial and utilitarian design from top Czech designers. Designblok represents not only individual creators, but also design studios, schools, and visionary projects from international brands. You can also enjoy a show with the works of the winners of the National Award for Student Design, which has taken place in various forms since 1991. (


designSUPERMARKET is an international festival of contemporary design founded in 2007. Its ambition is to create a continuous platform for exhibiting and selling original works in the field of product design, accessories, fashion, jewelry and graphic design by the currently best Czech and foreign young professionals and talented students. designSUPERMARKET also represents an event with social overlap – its role is to serve as an informal meeting center of the designer personalities and the interested public. The event aims to present design to the general public with the most responsible approach and to promote the work of young artists through all possible ways. (

In the center of the city, you can see design stores everywhere, especially in the Old Town, womenswear designers, such as Denisa Nová (, Klára Nademlýnská (, and Leeda (



Botas 66 (Křížkovského 18, Prague 3) is a cult brand amongst sneaker lovers. With its history dating back to 1963, Botas shoes are amongst the 100 Czech design icons. They are available in women’s and men’s versions – some models are suitable for city wear, others for running. There are Botas shoes made of leather and textile, and there’s even a vegan model.


Chatty, launched in 2005 is a fashion company started by Czech fashion designers Anna Tušková and Radka Sirková. This fashion-forward company has had the opportunity to work with Vodafone, Marlboro, Toyota, Kentoya, L’Oreal, Altoids, and Elite – just to name a few well-known companies that utilized Chatty’s fashionable look. The label Chatty specializes in ready-to-wear street fashion that uses quality denim material for maximum comfort, while the Chatty studio focuses on small, exclusive and avant-garde collections, and custom tailoring. You can find this shop in the center of Prague as well. (


IF… by Ivana Follová is located in the city center of Prague and presents a unique collection of ready-to-wear fashion and accessories for the most demanding, fashionable women. Ivana Follová believes that “each and every woman deserves to be pampered with luxury clothing, which is perfectly cut, adorned by unforgettable colors or soft materials which caress gently…” If you agree with that, you should go and find this fashion boutique shop in the center of Prague. (


Alice Klouzková and Jana Jetelová established the Sistersconspiracy label in 2005 when both designers were fresh out of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design school in Prague. Both designers are interested in Menswear which is clearly visible in their fashion collections that you can find in the city of Prague. If your taste is unique, and you as an individual is looking for something different, good quality clothing that you will most certainly stand out, then this label Sistersconspiracy is exactly for you. Almost all of their works, pieces of clothing are handmade that makes it even more unique and each piece a true original, and European Union top quality is felt. (

This article was written by Lika Sas.