Kristina Bakeeva

Kristina Bakeeva

A filmmaker from the South of Russia who loves the sunny LA and American fashion. She was born in Krasnodar. Now she is studying Creative Media Production at Prague College in the Czech Republic. She spent her last Summer studying at an intensive course in filmmaking of Prague Film School. She is experienced with making short documentaries, feature films and commercial videos. Her last project was “The Civil March for Aleppo in Prague” news report, which appeared on the Czech Television and the Guardian. In filming, Kristina prefers directing, cinematography and editing the most. She loves visiting film festivals and meeting new people. Her favourite city in Europe is Berlin, she goes there during any free time from school. She especially loves Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg. She is planning to work for Hollywood Film Industry in the future. If you’d like to ask her out on a date, she’s usually got no time 😉


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