Creativity Pack I: ‘Foreignland in Prague’ Documentary Film

November 8, PRAGUE—So, we were thinking. As we are (mostly) students of Creative Media Production, we have decided to make use of this platform. The weekly entertainment will promote one of the writers’ works in the field of feature/documentary film, theatre, radio, or written pieces. We want to celebrate the creativity of our wonderful contributors in this series we are calling the ‘Creativity Pack’.

The documentary film ‘Foreignland in Prague‘ introduces the audience to expats from creative spheres of art, music, dance, design and film, who have been living in Prague for a long period of time. However, Prague seems to be too small for as many foreigners. The foreign ground is increasingly growing, and cultures are mixing into one big multi-culture. The cultural roller-coaster has already happened in many world capitals as NYC, London, Paris. Is Prague going to be next?

To watch the short documentary, click here.

The following is an interview with one of the protagonists, as conducted by the filmmaker Kristina Bakeeva:


Jared Rollins Baley or well-known as Piqi Miqi in Prague, one of the expats, who makes his living by singing. He found his style, sound and vibe in the cosy Prague. After living in NYC for a long time, Piqi says that Prague has got the room for his creativity. He can take his time and find his real self. Prague is Piqi’s new home, and it couldn’t be better as of now, as he said. He answered questions below, where you can find out more about Piqi and his connection to his new home. 

American or Czech culture?

American culture is just natural.  You find it everywhere. I don’t do it on purpose to keep with my American culture. I keep more international. When you have international friends, you take from everybody a little bit and you keep it: a bit from Czech, a bit from Canadian…

What is Prague for you? 

Prague has been a resource of inspiration for me just living here. Living here has been different than living in NYC, because I don’t really have the destruction. Sometimes, in NYC, something is going on and you have to copy others. In Prague, I am just able to be alone and figure out my sound and my sonics, figure out what inspires me naturally. I was able to create my own unique style, my own unique sound and I’d never trade it for anything.

Favorite place in Prague?

Čítárna, a local bar. You can meet people. You can go alone by yourself. Make a friend, to have a good conversation, meet a beautiful girl. In America, they call it “speak-easy”.

Do you prefer Czech “knedlíky” to American burgers? 

I am a vegetarian now. But American burgers were awesome.

Where will you be in 10 years?

Hopefully, I am alive, healthy. I can’t predict so far. In 10 years, I’ll have millions of friends in music. I will start to have a family. I’ll make my mummy and daddy proud. I’ll make music and just have fun.

What will Prague look like in 10 years? 

I think Prague will be amazing in 10 years. The old generation will be faded out. And a new generation is a way more open-minded globally. The city will feel more cosmopolitan, diverse, fresh. Prague will be so big in 10 years. In 10 years, I will feel more comfortable here.

Created by Kristina Bakeeva.